Plant Lighting - Plant LED LENS

The LED plant lighting can replace the traditional high-pressure sodium lamp, effectively will be saving 80%, it can simulate of acting as sunlight and illuminate the growth of plants. Its illumination angle can be customized by customers, such as 80°, 90°, 130°, 140°, etc. The illuminated area can be round or elliptical. BrightLX optical engineers will follow Design and simulate according to the needs of customers to ensure that the project achieves an effective effect, and the structure can also be designed to achieve a waterproof level of IP65. The following is a light spot map BrightLX shared. From the light spot we can see that BrightLX have the ability to achieve uniform, high brightness, and effective light supplementation. Come to us, you will get a free simulation to check the result firstly to design if continue or not. What is more, Your OEM project is welcomed ,we also can tool directly by a highly control of tolerance to ensure your Optics Design.

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