Brightlx team is ready to support all kind of custom made optics cases!
BrightLX LTD hope you all spent an enjoyable and wonderful holiday, thank you again for supporting past years!

For moving forward to 2023 well, we are ready to start all kinds of custom-made cases. 
Is there any plans to develop some new secondary led lenses/reflectors/covers projects that you need for 2023? 

BLX  team believes that we can serve you with any lenses you need that for the lighting manufacturing industry: 
- Free optical design/ simulation according to your original requirements
- Free prototyping by moulded (small options), for validating if the real 
- sample matches the simulation
- Tool manufacture for injection moulded components
- Plastic injection moulded components

Just come to us for any interest you have, we won’t let you down.

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