How To Reduce UGR?
UGR (Unified Glare Rating) is a measure used to evaluate the discomfort caused by glare from luminaires in indoor lighting. Uniform glare value is one of the main contents of lighting quality evaluation in lighting design. 

UGR is not only a visual problem, but also a design and application problem. Therefore, how to reduce UGR in practical applications is a key issue. There are many ways to control the UGR value at the beginning of the luminaire design, such as:
1) Controlling the brightness of the light source
2) Providing an anti-glare design on the lens
3) Adding a special shield to prevent spillage
4) Glare Analysis: Conduct a glare analysis using lighting design software to identify potential glare sources and make necessary adjustments to the lighting layout and fixtures.
5) Reducing UGR requires careful planning and consideration during the lighting design stage. It is crucial to strike a balance between providing adequate lighting and minimizing glare to create a comfortable and efficient lighting environment. 

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