High precision led lens for wall pack lights
LED wall pack lights are an innovation in outdoor lighting, offering an array of benefits ranging from energy efficiency to safety features. They’re versatile, durable, and can be used in various settings that illuminate large areas.

Here are some types of Wall pack lights:

1. Full Cutoff
Limiting light to a specific area is ideal for directing light downward and preventing light pollution.

2. Semi-Cutoff
Providing a more expansive range of light, suitable for larger areas like parking lots.

3. Rotatable
Adjust the direction of the light anytime.

Led Lenses focus and direct the light and are usually made from polycarbonate and can have different textures to create various lighting effects.

Brightlx Optics is a manufacturer focused on LED lens customization, we have many type of injection for different size of the part, from 80T,120T,180t,260T, and 480T, which can produce different sizes of the part, in the professional to keep the lens's precision quality. 

What’s more, Brightlx R&D team can solve the problems of LED lighting luminous efficiency, uniformity and glare value and achieve the light distribution you need.

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