Bespoke 160° beam angle LED lens for Canopy Lights
LED Canopy lights, a ideal for illuminating commercial spaces, including parking lots, gas stations, underpasses, covered walkways, warehouses and more. Brightlx’s optical design greatly improved light utilization and evenness. This 160°LED lens is made of PC, which provides better impact resistance and durability. 

In addition, we can also design according to the waterproof level required by the customer's project. After the lens design is completed, we will start designing silicone gaskets to fit the lens and achieve the ideal waterproof effect.
Brightlx mainly does LED lens custom, and LED lens tooling, offering individual solutions to meet your needs of light distribution according to the specific application. 

Welcome to Brightlx for bespoke LED optics, we love the challenge! We can design the optical totally according to your request, any beam angle is welcome.


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