Custom LED optics for street lighting
As leading custom optical lens specialists, we have extensive experience with LED lens optical design and LED lens manufacturing for street lighting.

There are some key principles of optically good street lighting:

1. Efficacy(lm/w) through light control - get light where is needed with minimal loss.
2. Brightness (cd/m2) or illumination level (lx) - the brightness and light level on the roadway.
3. Uniformity - Good light uniformity is essential for road safety and clear visibility on all roads.
4. Glare - Excessive or irritating light reduces the vision of road users, often due to a wide distribution of light.
5. Light pollution - uplighting can lead to unwanted sky glow in urban areas, while unwanted backlighting and spill light can intrude into neighboring houses and even disturb sleep.

Brightlx can flexibly design LED optics based on the specific requirements of your project. or design a variety of scenes based on the North American street lamp requirements TYPE1, TYPE2, TYPE3, TYPE4, TYPE5, long, medium, and short optical design.

In terms of structure, it can be arranged according to the size of each lamp, such as 50mmx50mm, 2X2 combination or 2X6, 3X8 and other combinations suitable for different sizes of LEDs, such as 5050, 3535, 3030, etc. from different brands, lumens, CREE, Samsung, Japan Asia, etc.

Send us your custom LED optics inquiries, and let's surprise your projects!

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