Customized 394 in1 LED Lens array for street light _Dual Philips 2835LEDs-T3M
Hello everyone, glad to share with you a bespoke 394 in 1 LED lens array project, designed by Brightlx R&D team.

Suitable for all applications in site, area, and general lighting requiring high uniformity, excellent vertical light distribution, reduced offsite visibility, reduced on-site glare and effective security light levels.

Distribution type: T3M

Material: PC

Transmittance : >92%

LED type: Dual Philips 2835

With more than 15 years of professional R&D team in LED optics/LED lens and mold design, Brightlx team can well understand your optics needs to develop and design new optical products for you to ensure optimal lighting.

Please contact us if there anything we can do for your lighting solution! We can take your initial conceptual ideas and support you through design and development all the way to manufacturing. Equally, we are able to take your fully designed solution and turn this into a real product.

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