• How an injection molding machine manipulator picks up lenses?

    Hi everyone, here glad to share with you a video of how an injection molding machine manipulator picks up lenses.
    Click this link to view the video:

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  • Professional technology for your lighting revolution

    With over a decade of experience in lighting fixtures. Whether asymmetric or symmetric, Brightlx is able to achieve an excellent level of light distribution design and mold and lens production in many fields, such as Floodlights/Spotlights ...

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  • Looking to enhance the performance of your LED lighting?

    Looking to enhance the performance of your LED lighting? Brightlx specializes in crafting tailor-made LED lenses that will take your lighting to the next level.

    Precision Engineering: Our team consists of experienced engineers and designer...

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  • BRIGHTLX at GILE 2023 in Guangzhou, China | Booth 17.1 A56

    We’re thrilled to inform you that our company will attend Guangzhou International Lighting Exhibition tomorrow!

    Booth: 17.1 A56
    Date: 9th -12th June 2023

    Welcome all friends to visit our booth to see our Newly develo...

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  • 5050 T2M/T3M Series Standard Lens

    Introducing our latest innovation: 5050 T2M/T3M series Standard Lens!

    At Brightlx, we have always been dedicated to the LED optical customization field and market. However, in order to expand our business and offer a wider range of options...

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  • Goods are ready to be shipped to all over the world!

    Recently, we have received a large number of LED lens production orders from our clients. Goods have been shipped to multiple countries and regions, including, Europe, North America, South America, etc. Many thanks for their trust and support.

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  • Our custom LED lenses are ideal for a wide range of applications

    Brightlx understand that every project is unique, and that’s why we offer custom solutions to meet the specific requirements of our clients. Our team of experienced engineers and technicians work closely with our clients to design and produce L...

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  • LED Secondary Optics Customization

    Are you looking for a manufacturer for your original design of led secondary optics?
    From optical design to injection moulding with plastics raw-material can be done efficiently &preciouse in Brightlx Ltd, come to Brightlx to see the solution w...

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  • 2x6 T2M lens designed by Brightlx team

    Hi everyone, glad to share with you a 2x6 T2M lens case designed by Brightlx team for street lighting. The details are shown in the following picture.

    A good appearance design can create a pleasing appearance of the LED lights, and a good...

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  • One design case sharing- BLX

    Hi, we would like to share a project we’ve made for one of our clients before.

    ​As the picture shows, Edges approx. 0,9" long, 70° adjacent flat faces, 0.04-0.05" wide. A small maximum radius, in some degrees, translate...

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  • Flexible optical design solutions

    Brightlx can make waterproof lenses IP65-IP68, high efficiency, high light transmission, high-temperature resistant material, glare value control and other factors to design different optical requirements to meet customers’ personalized cases.<...

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  • Need any support for your lighting projects?

    Brightlx mainly makes customized lenses and provides personalized solutions according to specific applications to meet your needs for light distribution. We can turn your concept ideas into real products.       &nbs...

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