• Bespoke 90° UFO lens for industrial lighting

    Here is the 90° UFO lens that we designed for our client, which is applied in high-bay lights.

    • Uniformed light distribution.
    • High lumen efficiency- 91%
    • LED-2835.
    • New-style Fresnel lens.

    High-bay ligh...

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  • In what situation will Brightlx apply the hot runner system?

    In Brighlx LTD, evaluating the cost justification for a hot runner mold requires careful consideration of cycle time, material type(PMMA/PC), annual volume, available press size and power consumption, as well as the cost of utilities, material pri...

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  • What are the Advantages of hot runner technology?

    1. Save raw materials and reduce costs.
    2. Shorten molding cycle and improve machine efficiency.
    3. Improve the surface quality and mechanical properties of products.
    4. Point gates can be used without using three-plate molds.
    5. ...

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  • What is Hot Runner System?

    As a common part of the injection mold system, the plastic in the runner and gate is kept in a molten state by heating. Since there are heating rods and heating rings near or in the centre of the runner, the entire runner from the nozzle ou...

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  • 2×6 lens designed by Brightlx for area and parking lot lighting,

    A 2×6 lens array designed by Brightlx for area and parking lot lighting, using for 3535 leds. Brightlx can solve the problems of LED lighting luminous efficiency, uniformity and glare value and achieve the light distribution you need. ​

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  • High precision- Bespoke case of 12° lens array

    Hello everyone,
    Glad to share a #bespoke case- 12° lens array with you which is applied in Park lights/Garden lights/Square lights, etc. Our customized optics ensure that you always have the most ideal light distribution for your application. 2023-08-22 See More

  • BLX- Custom lenses & standard lenses

    More than just a LED lens manufacturer, our strong R&D team work with you at every stage, from initial concept through to LED optics project completion.

    1. Precision tailored to your needs
    2. Advanced materials and technologies

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  • Choose Brightlx to get the optical solutions you desired

    Brightlx specializes in the R&D and production of LED lenses, which can accurately meet the requirements of various angles and light patterns according to customer requirements and achieve the best lighting effects.

    As a professional and s...

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  • Brightlx- Better Choice for LED optics

    More than 15 years of Excellent Optics Custom Experience
    1. An excellent optics engineer team
    2. Completed 3500 client cases
    3. 500 long-term partners
    4. R&D ability: 60 LED optics mold cases each month

    We can offer you...

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  • LIGHT Fair (Jan 2024), Warsaw Poland | Booth: K9 and K10

    The 31st International Lighting Equipment Fair will be held at EXPO XXI Exhibition Center in Warsaw on January 30-February 2nd. We are pleased to announce that we will be attending this Light Fair 2024. Visit us at our booth and discover our Tailored...

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  • Professional Optical Solutions Provider

    Well-versed in optical surface generation and polishing
    Especially skilled in designing optics for outdoor lighting

    Brightlx can take your initial conceptual ideas and support you through design and development all the way to manufact...

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  • Brightlx, a good chioce for your LED Optics

    We’ve offered the LED secondary lens optical design,prototyping, injection molding service over 15 years. Trust us, you will have a good option for your lighting solution.

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