• Bespoke ledoptics for wall-washer lighting application

    A wall-washer lighting is used to Hide any imperfections and blemishes by eliminating their shadows, the wall appears bright and draws attention to the architecture as a luminous background.
    No doubtly, a secondary lens plays a most important ro...

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  • How important is a secondary lens in a lighting fitting?

    It is the truth that it can create the desired lighting effect and precise control over the beams of light, what the most important is to make your whole light fitting most efficient in the application and specificity, and be unique in the market. 2022-12-05 See More

  • Emergency light lens applications

    Brightlx has rich experience in emergency light lens applications, such as safety guide lights, police lights, fire lights, etc. We are confident to make the lamps have high intensity, high brightness, low light decay, strong stability, and low glare...

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  • Optical solution for grow lights

    Grow lighting needs high light intensity to enhance planting effectiveness. Lenses can be used to direct the light beam on the plant area and reduce light ‘overspill’ which is waste.
    The indoor plantation is always humid because of the plant’...

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  • Find an optimal optical solution for street lights?

    Brightlx is a professional team focus on led lens customization. Especially in the street lighting sector. Our high-quality lens can enhance aesthetics, minimize light pollution, increase control over emitted light and maximize overall efficiency. Te...

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  • Need any support in optics development?

    Brightlx is committed to customizing optical solutions for various LED applications.
    We are ready to respond to customer’s requests for lens distribution, shape and size, placement pattern of LEDs, and other means to improve LED module pro...

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  • Optics for stadium lights

    Choosing the right lighting solution can reduce the impact on the environment, save energy and get the results you want for athletes on the field.
    Here glad to share with you an optics case we designed for stadium lighting. Our team has rich ex...

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  • Tailor-made optical solutions

    As a custom optics manufacturer, we customize and optimize optics to support customer lighting projects, especially for street lights and high-bay lights.
    With an excellent R&D team and high-quality products, BLX keeps expanding its business an...

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  • What can Brightlx Ltd do?

    Brightlx team always offers the best service for you!

    1. Quotation and Manufacturability Assessment
    Material and Tooling Option Assessments
    Make the cost solution first

    2. Photometric Design& simulation
    Reduced Te...

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  • Optimize lighting solution

    It’s important for us to find solutions to optimize energy consumption in the present era. We are glad to say that we can provide the custom lens which can match your optical requirements perfectly and it will help you to save energy and improv...

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  • Customizing optics for plant grow lighting

    It is important to study the right lighting in order to dose intensity and spectrum according to the physiology of the plant. 
    Brightlx can design lenses that can control spectral content, enabling users to match lighting to plant needs bas...

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  • Optics for UFO high-bay lighting

    With the improvement of #LED technology, LED high bay light,as the main #luminaries of industrial #lighting, are widely used. With better performance, it is inevitable trend to use LED replace traditional lamps.

    It can be used for Warehous...

    2022-11-10 See More

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