• 2x6 T2M lens designed by Brightlx team

    Hi everyone, glad to share with you a 2x6 T2M lens case designed by Brightlx team for street lighting. The details are shown in the following picture.

    A good appearance design can create a pleasing appearance of the LED lights, and a good...

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  • One design case sharing- BLX

    Hi, we would like to share a project we’ve made for one of our clients before.

    ​As the picture shows, Edges approx. 0,9" long, 70° adjacent flat faces, 0.04-0.05" wide. A small maximum radius, in some degrees, translate...

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  • Flexible optical design solutions

    Brightlx can make waterproof lenses IP65-IP68, high efficiency, high light transmission, high-temperature resistant material, glare value control and other factors to design different optical requirements to meet customers’ personalized cases.<...

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  • Need any support for your lighting projects?

    Brightlx mainly makes customized lenses and provides personalized solutions according to specific applications to meet your needs for light distribution. We can turn your concept ideas into real products.       &nbs...

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  • Brightlx’s optical customized solutions for greater traffic safety

    No tunnel is unique. Local conditions and needs will naturally vary, requiring precisely matched optical solutions. High-lumen output LEDs provide optimum visibility. Glare should be controlled to the minimum to ensure maximum visual comfort in the t...

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  • Optical solutions for task lighting

    Hi everyone, here show you some #optics for power LEDs which use in #task lighting/ accent lighting/ spot lighting

    Often task lighting refers to increasing illuminance to better accomplish a specific activity. However, the illuminance leve...

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  • 100°×125° lens design for large-area lighting

    Brightlx is a company active in optics, mainly doing lens customization with decades of experience.

    Below is a design we did for large-area lighting. The beam angle is 100°*125°(50% beam angle). The test results showed outstanding beam q...

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  • Optimizing your lighting efficiency

    For the beginning of 2023, does any project require a custom-led lens to optimize your lighting efficiency?

    We are glad to say that we can provide the custom lens which can match your optical requirements perfectly and it will help you to ...

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  • Bespoke PC lenses for wall pack light

    Wall packs occupy a prominent position in the outdoor lighting market. If you are a specialist in outdoor lighting, I guess you must update or develop this type of new product.
    Below are two cases of wall-pack lenses we designed for cu...

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  • Precision Injection Molded parts

    Brightlx offers turnkey capabilities in plastics injection molding projects.

    Our experience spans all phases of product design, tooling design, plastic injection molding, plastic injection manufacturing, plastic part assembly & the use of...

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  • Some popular bespoke cases of 50*50mm series lens arrays

    We are happy to share with you some popular bespoke cases of 50*50mm series lens arrays, designed for 3030/3535/5050 LEDs, etc. For more details, please watch the following video. Our team has done many similar optics projects, so we can well underst...

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  • Flexible customized optical solutions

    As a professional and steady custom lens manufacturer, Brightlx offers a wide variety of custom lenses for different lighting applications according to customers’ requests.

    We can make lenses with high efficiency, high light transmis...

    2023-01-11 See More

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