• BRIGHTLX at Strategies in Light 2019 in Las Vegas, US | Booth 10920

    Stop by booth #10920 to learn about BRIGHTLX’s capabilities and how we can help you with your LED lighting applications, including customized optical solutions for Plastics secondary lenses, reflectors, and diffusers.

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  • Some common cases of lenses we have done for LEDs 3030. 3535. 3838.5050..

    Here glad to tell the common cases- the optical lens we did, Types I, II, III, IV, and V compatible LEDs 3030.3535.3838.5050... for Area & Site Lighting in different applications- parking lot, sidewalk, street and so on. With a lot of the experience,...

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  • What distinguishes us from other companies?

    Brightlx supply customized lenses that satisfy the needs of a wide range of lighting applications.
    So what distinguishes us from other companies?
    1. Free optical design
    2. A strong R&D team focused on the bespoke market of LED optics ...

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  • Bespoke optics for outdoor court lighting

    LED lighting is best for outdoor sports courts because it is bright and accurate. The courts will be lit with lighting that mimics actual sunlight in color and brightness. It keeps players safer, and if spectators attend outdoor events, it will impro...

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  • Why more and more clients choose to the lens custom?

    Because customization solution can effectively solve the LED Lighting luminous efficiency, uniformity, light distribution angle, glare value and redistribute the light to the designated area to achieve the best energy-saving efficiency for the projec...

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  • Optics for street lights

    Brightlx can design a variety of scenes based on Type Ⅰ, type Ⅱ, type Ⅲ, type Ⅳ and type Ⅴ, different size combinations suitable for different sizes of LEDs 5050/3535/3030/2835, etc. from different brands Cree, Lumileds, Samsung, etc. And we als...

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  • Big parts of LED optics

    Big parts applications of Led optics are more and more popular, look at this beautiful samples, also can be used as a lighting cover! The surface of the plastic parts are shiny, without black spot, burr.
    We can do all kinds of Led Optics product...

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  • Customized case- Degree 30-60-90 lens

    Brightlx team are glad to share some popular cases in PC, in which the original requirement with 50% beam 30°/ 60°/90° and 2835-LEDs, the BLX-simulation shows that we gave an infinitely close result that matches clients’ requirements.

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  • Optimized LED optical solution for stadiums and clubs

    Why more and more stadiums and clubs are shifting from conventional light to LED lighting? Because LED lighting is a smart and sustainable solution for lighting up.

    An optimized LED optical solution helps to keep the surrounding neighbo...

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  • UFO high-bay lens

    Working requires lighting that aids in visibility without harsh shadows to help get the job done right.
    Here is the 61°&121° UFO lens that we custom-designed for our client, which is applied in high-bay lights. It provides clear, uniform high-...

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  • Asymmetrical lens matrix

    An asymmetrical lens matrix contrived for external lamps, horticultural illuminations, spotlights...The efficiency can reach 90%. The angle can be more partial if we have enough room to design among per-lens.

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  • A flare lens for airport or helicopter

    Glad to share with you Brightlx’s great design for a flare lens for airports or helicopters for our clients, do you have interest?
    We can flexibly design optics according to your project, welcome to contact us to get your ideal ...

    2022-10-17 See More

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